Killers, Angels, Refugees ( 12 )

"Flowers of the night" ( Jack Traylor )

Paine and Pierce and Robespierre, Juarez and Danton
Luther, King and Lumumba, dead but far from gone
Lenin, Cleaver, Jesus too, outlaws in their nations,
Revolutionairies all, dreamed of liberation

God is up in heaven, his agents here on earth.
The Church has said that this man rules; he's best because of birth.
But what's that noise down in the street, who dares to shout and sing?
With all his courtiers at his side, who dares to touch the King?

Old man get some soldiers, keep them close at hand
there's a fire in the country, there's a flame come to the land.
Seven thousand loyal troops, in ranks they strecht so far.
With seven thousand well armed men, no one can touch the Czar.

Louis watch the prisons, send the goons around.
Is that Paris burning, is the Bastille falling down?
And where are all the mercenaries - paid for by the King?
Have they joined the mob you say, doesn't money mean anything?

Old men get some soldiers, keep them close at hand.
The seeds that were sown yesterday now flower in the land.
And guard yourseld most carefully with military might.
For plants that cannot bloom by day must flower in the night.

O "inner circle" dos Jefferson Airplane/Starship, do qual Jack Traylor fez e faz parte, esteve sempre muito atento a todo o tipo de manifestações artisticas, movimentos sociais, política, ecologia, etc.

Em "Flowers of the night" as metáforas abundam e deixam perceber um sentimento de frustação tardia, quatro anos depois do grito de guerra de "Volunteers". A inclusão no álbum do colectivo Starship "Baron von Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun" (Grunt BFL1-0148, 1973) acaba por não surpreender pois está em linha com temas semelhantes assinados na época por Paul Kantner ou Grace Slick.