Jardins do Paraíso ( XXXXI )

Patrick Lundborg partiu há uns meses, não muitos. A ausência dos textos lúcidos e pioneiros que partilhava com todos aqueles que têm pela música um carinho especial, é já porém tremendamente sentida.

Cheguei a "Children of the Mist" ( Vala Records, USA, 1977 ) através dele.

Desde que descobri os Yellow Autumn ( apenas um exemplo, porque há muitos mais ) que me questiono como pode alguém minimamente informado gastar o seu tempo com Devendra Banhart ou Joanna Newsom.

Em jeito de agradecimento, deixo o que Patrick Lundborg escreveu acerca de "Children of the Mist":

"Despite it's late 70s LA origins, this one is the best and most highly rated álbuns in the Olde England pagan folk style. The band appears in full Renaissance Fair gear on the front cover, but manage to inject some realness and personality into their music, which uses male-female vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, violin - all the right ingredientes for genre fans. In the addiction to the UK folk elements there's a raga influence on some tracks, including a long, spellbidding meditaion on suicide that alone makes the LP.  While not exactly a masterpiece I find "Children of the Mist" superior to Gwydion, Jed, Jim Alan and the other Wizard Folk costume performers. Yellow Autumn leader Gary Creighton passed away from a heart condition only a few years after making this. The band were close friends with Joseph Pursey."

in "The Acid Archives, The Second Edition" ( 2010 )